Country of origin United Kingdom
Original channel BBC 1 (CBBC)
Original run 2000
No. of episodes 6
Other Seasons Series 1, 2, 3

Series 2 refers to the second series of The Ghost Hunter.

Storyline Edit

The tone changes and becomes more sinister. DeSniff has discovered Mrs Croker is not dead. She has survived her fall from the castle and returns to work in a strange old mansion,called Deadlock Hall. Here, her demonic energy kicks into action again and she creates a machine called a "specktrika" which pulls ghosts towards it like a magnet.

With this she intends to catch enough ghosts to power her "time travelling machine." But by now the eccentric and foolish DeSniff has tasted power and he wants to time travel too. The Ghost Hunter manages to create a time hole in the fabric of the universe and both DeSniff and Croker are carried back to Victorian times.