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Ivan Jones
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Birthday Unknown
Role Writer
Duration 1997 - 2007

Ivan Jones is a British writer of fiction. His work includes novels, picture books, plays, poetry anthologies, television series and many adaptations for BBC Radio. He was born in Shropshire and educated at Adam's Grammar School in Newport and has a first degree from Birmingham University and a masters degree from Nottingham University. He was at school with Jeremy Corbyn and his brother Piers as well as with Simon Bates DJ. Some of Jones' poems written for BBC radio were read by Michael Rosen. Jones is at present working on a number of projects including a new novel.

The Ghost Hunter[]

Jones is best known for writing The Ghost Hunter, released 2 January 1997, and its two sequels, The Ghost Hunter at Chillwood Castle and The Ghost Hunter's House of Horror, released in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

When the series was adapted for television, Jones, with Jim Eldridge and Roy Apps wrote the scripts. The first two books were combined to create Series 1, the third book in the series was adapted for Series 2, and Jones, Eldridge and Apps wrote an entirely new story, based on Ivan Jones' unpublished book for Series 3. The Ghost Hunter's House of Horror contains many of the ideas for series 3 but some adaptation was included. Future books will be completely the work of Ivan Jones and will include original ideas and plots and characters which have little or no connection to the TV series. A stage play is in process of being written and there is hopes that the books will become a major cinematic film.